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Here we are, one step away from our future.

If you want to connect with me, i feel honored and want to encourage you to do so.

The easiest way is to send me a message via one of the icons in the top right corner.

They link as follows:



twitter: | @Xrayhighs


Name: John Manedrake aka JM


// 07.16

What to write :


Just in the case you dont know what to write to me, i want to give you some hints:

- Just for the beginning I am not interested in who you are, rather than what you feel and think

- What questions, problems, thoughts run through your mind when you read my website

- What's the topic you're interested in the most

- Feel free to be critic, but please keep a respectable and constructive tone

- If you want to contribute to this site, have new content(from you or others) that you think is worth sharing, send it to me. I will try to review and link it.

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