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Explaining the road

What do I want?

I want open minded, tolerant people.

They should not talk bad about others, whether towards them nor behind them.

They should see mistakes and accept them as the part of a growth process, ideally help to overcome them. Also they should know that everyone has mistakes and thus should equally be tolerated.


I want thoughtful people with visions.

They should have time and energy to think about the future and the power to make decisions. 

Sustainability, the ability to be able to live in the future, should be a main priority.


I want healthy people.

Mental and physical health(and healthy behaviour) is important for a happy life. A big part of it is determined by the mindset which is learned since childhood from the social environment. 

They should support each other to live a healthy lifestyle.


I want able people.

They should have skills and learn and improve. They should challenge themselves rather than being challenged (by circumstances). They should seek for opportunities to grow their abilities. They should encourage others to do the same (awesome stuff they do) and help each other to get better. 

They should enchant with professionality and show the beauty of skillfullness.

Who Am I?

You may not know me, but we re both on this planet called Earth. 

We dont know the actions the other is doing or responding to. We re uncoordinated, just bound to our own needs and the exchange system, that we trade our goods in. Realities may seem so different, but yet we share the same with this one world. We affect each other without notice.

I am an interested individual, that wants to bring the focus and creative power of those together, who can think alike and share values. I see this is a rare chance to enable our potential, the ability to truly create a positive future.


Our World:

We lower monetary prices, whereever we can: In Production, Logistics and Consumption. We re very focused on our one limited resource, money. Its reasonable to optimize, but we re leaving all other resources behind.

What we neglect is that the real value is ability.

Money is a global exchange tool, so in today's world it holds the ability to be exchanged into the products and services available on the market. This is truly a big ability because of diversity in needs and general usability. And that's why it worked so good.

But there are goods that are not on the market, things you cannot buy. As i mentioned, the other resources are important. Time is such a resource. You cannot reverse time or timetravel if you just have enough money. Matter and Space(Room) are other resources. Yes, you can buy "rights" to be owner of them in our current system, but you cannot create them. Also there are physical boundaries, like the elementary forces and other physics(and maths) laws that we can't change.

Time, Matter, Space and the Laws are the fixed resources, which define a big part of our ability to create products and services.

The ethereal resources make up the other part: knowledge, creativity, adaptivity, (ethical)values, communication, safety and our interfaces to the real world including their useage.

These resources limit or expand our ability to have an influence on the real world.

We have to create the right circumstances to develop and improve our potential skills and interests!

Part of the need of the first resources can be overcome with the second.

New technology/design/processes and enabling humans to use their full potential can unlock the fix for a prior unsolvable problem. And as we work on a larger scale now, the global scale, we reach the point where the first resources become more and more limited.

So if we expand our ability through the secondary, we re ready to solve our current and more so our future problems as well as fulfill our needs.

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