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1! Excitement

today i learned something about excitement and excited people how? i watched a video of an excited guy, his passion was flora. he knew every plant in a special area of a landscape. Tho he had to tell a lot about his passion, he was expert in knowing facts about these plants, too. As i remember he got only 1-2, max 3 points to each. And if you think about it, its really easy to remember if there are only 1-3 things said at a time. And taking stuff seriously gets people to think. if you overdo that, it will change to fun/enthusiasm as an eyecatcher. Radical opinions are difficult to deal with. if they are determined as bad, they are easy to be pointed out and been countered. but if they are off and you cannt be against them(ex. it s a theme u never heard of before), they confuse and set you in a special situation. You will either be interested or the confusion leads to slight defense, which is often acted as laughter or other actings to deal with stressful situations. If you try to melt a theme and cut it down to 1-3 points you want to mention, its hard, because you leave some important facts. i might say, just point out the most important GOOD and BAD thing overall. With this little rule, you can inform your opponent in very short time and he will be able to get a little overview. plus if you want him to go deeper into it, the first step is already taken. these excited people are not the born leaders but they are in a good mood to be such. take the movie "brave heart", it shows perfectly how EXCITEMENT goes along with being exciting/famous and get into leadership. A Goal has to be set up. There is a path to go and its simple to get to know the main points of this path. The "leader" is informed and keeps selfinforming via research. He is so excited, that he keeps to tell his surrounding what he found out in his researches. ENOUGH FOR THAT, what do we have: goal, path etc-> THEME leader,information -> KNOWLEDGE leader, surrounding -> PEOPLE see how simple this is. Here it is: What is a theme? What is knowledge? What are people? P: Most likely people in the real world, you can talk to and see them in the eye. In a wider sense someone you can address with language(of any kind,so they recognize you). K: a cluster of facts to one or more theme(s). T: Most likely one word and its nearby meanings. so pick a WORD. get to know FACTS around it. tell PEOPLE about it. Simple as that.


this was my first text for a blog, created years ago. i like to keep the original, only changed 2 spelling mistakes and replaced the movie title, because i remembered it wrong when writing this text.

but i want to add a little: as much as i like to hide and idealize things, i want you to see my sources and

enable you to make up your own opinion.

the original video i watched: german

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